African Pygmy Hedgehogs



Dreamflower Meadows is a USDA Licensed Breeder:





If you are looking for quality hedgehogs for pets or breeding, you have come to the right place.

About our breeding goals and standards:

Dreamflower Meadows strives to improve the breed or species of all the animals that we breed. Our main goal with hedgehogs is to produce happy, healthy hedgehogs that make great pets. We breed for health and temperament first and foremost. We only buy and breed the best and healthiest hedgehogs in our breeding herd. Breeding for Color and Pattern is a fascination, but we try not to compromise the other 2 goals for the sake of these traits. All baby hedgehogs born in our herd are sold with the following:

  • 24/7 care support – our cell number is given for this purpose
  • A zip lock bag of the food that the hedgehog is currently eating which typically last 1 week or more
  • A pedigree of the hedgehog’s lineage and other information listed, such as Sex, Date of Birth, and Color
  • Registration in the International Hedgehog Registry (IHR)
  • Health guarantee as stated on the Hedgehog Sales Policies page
  • Weight chart for keeping track of the hedgehog’s weight


We are members of the following Hedgehog Organizations:






How the hedgehogs are listed on the “Available” pages:

The hedgehogs on either the Baby Hedgehogs Available page or the Adult Hedgehogs Available page are listed as “Contacting Waiting List” first (if there is a waiting list) and then once the people on the waiting list have been able to select the ones they want, the remaining hedgehogs (if any) are listed as “Available” and are open to anyone not already on the Waiting List. You may either get on the Waiting List for a Baby Hedgehog or Adult Hedgehog that will be listed in the future or you may choose from one that is listed as “Available” (if any).

How to get on the Waiting List:

  1. Please start by filling out the Hedgehog Application Form.
  2. Once your application is approved you may then pay the $50 non-refundable deposit to be placed on the Baby Hedgehogs Waiting List. Or a $25 non-refundable deposit to be placed on the Adult Hedgehogs Waiting List. Please see the Payments page for more information about paying either of these deposits.
  3. Once Baby Hedgehogs or Adult Hedgehogs are available, they will be listed as “Contacting Waiting List” on either page.
  4. We will then start contacting only those people who have already sent in their deposit in the order of when the deposit was received. So if you are wanting a hedgehog by a certain time, like Christmas or a birthday, it is recommend that you send in the deposit at least 2 months ahead of time. But remember not to send the deposit until you have been contacted by Dreamflower Meadows letting you know that your application has been approved.
  5. Once everyone on the Waiting List has made their selections, then the remaining Baby or Adult Hedgehogs (if any) will be listed as “Available”.

What if you don’t want to get on the Waiting List?

  1. If you do not want to pay the deposit to get on the Waiting List, then it is up to you to keep checking the website to see what is listed as “Available”. We will not contact anyone who is not on the waiting list – including other breeders.
  2. If you are not on the Waiting List and you see a hedgehog that you like that is listed as “Available”, then please fill out the Hedgehog Application Form to be considered to buy that particular hedgehog.
  3. If the hedgehog is still available, then we will list the hedgehog as “Pending” for you for up to 2 days and you will be required to send the appropriate deposit amount within 2 days to hold that hedgehog for you for up to another 2 weeks for a Baby Hedgehog and only 1 week for an Adult Hedgehog.

For more information about how to purchase a hedgehog from Dreamflower Meadows, please go to the Hedgehog Sales Policy page. If you are a current USDA licensed breeder, please feel free to skip the application process and e-mail us directly at The waiting list policy is the same for breeders, but we do not require the application form to be filled out if you are currently licensed with the USDA. If you are a small breeder who we have not spoken with before who is not required to have a USDA license, then please start by filling out the Hedgehog Application Form. We are also happy to trade with other USDA licensed breeders when trading equal quality hedgehogs, so please e-mail us about this option. We will ask for pedigrees, so please don’t ask about this option unless you are willing to send in pedigrees of your hedgehogs for us to look over before agreeing on a trade. You may also check the Hedgehog Breeding Schedule page to see when the next litters are expected.

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