Adult Hedgehog Waiting List

Waiting List Order for the next Available Adult Hedgehogs~

(Please note: We do not regularly have adult hedgehogs available, nor will we give any set time frame as to when more will be listed.)

The deposit for getting on the Adult Hedgehog Waiting List is $25. Everyone on the list may opt to wait for as long as they want to get the hedgehog that they want.


Order #:  Name: Characteristics of Hedgehog Wanted: Date Payment Received: 
1 Lisa Currin Female wanted; Dark Grey/Black/Dark Cinnicot 12.27.17 by PayPal
2 Angelique Manser Female wanted; Cinnamon/Any Color 2.4.18 by PayPal
3 Lydia Bolin Any Sex; Any Color 2.5.18 by PayPal
4 Alex Mays Any Sex; Dark Grey/Grey/Chocolate 2.7.18 by PayPal


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