Baby Hedgehogs Available

Babies Listed on this page are between 5 weeks to 5 months old ~

Because most people want a friendly pet, we specialize in breeding hedgehogs with great temperaments. We also price our hedgehogs according to temperament first before taking color or sex into consideration. For this reason we don’t post the babies on the website until they are at least 5 weeks old which is the youngest age to be able to tell the temperament on any given baby with good accuracy.
The average price for a baby that has just weaned is between $225  – $275 – the better temperaments are priced at the higher end of that range.
If the babies are not sold within a few weeks and we have many available, we will sometimes lower their prices as they get a little older (especially the males), but we do not keep a waiting list for these that go on sale. Other factors that determine the price of our hedgehogs are unusual or rarer colors/patterns and their sex.
We sometimes will price males about $25 less than females. Males make equally good pets as females, but females who are raised with other females can be housed together indefinitely. Males must be housed individually by the age of 12 weeks to prevent fighting, so we try to sell the males quickly to keep the number of cages down to a minimum.

Please see the Hedgehog Temperament Scale page for more details about how we rate our hedgehogs’ temperaments.

Shipping is available to most US international airports for $150!
See the Hedgehog Shipping Policy page for more details or fill out the Hedgehog Application form so we can call the airline to see if shipping is available to your city. About 4 – 6  baby hedgehogs can be shipped together for this price depending on each ones’ individual weight. If males and females over 3 months of age are to be shipped together add $20 for the shipping crate to be divided.

Available Baby Hedgehogs:

The babies that are listed as “Available” can be chosen by anyone who has filled out the application and been approved.
The babies that are listed as “Contacting Waiting List” are being selected by the people on the current waiting list.
Once everyone on the waiting list has chosen the one they want, the remaining babies (if any) will be listed as “Available”.

(Listed in order of age – oldest to youngest.)

Click on any photo to see a larger view.
Click on any name highlighted red to see the pedigree.



Herd #: HH115
Sex: Male
Born: 10.12.17
Wean: 11.23.17
Color: Dark Grey with Badger Stripes
Sire: DFM Odiver
Dam: BBH Babbs CQK/DFM
Temperament Rating: ★★★★★
Price: $275
Status: Sold to Stevie Ransom
Pick-up: Friday 12.15.17 @ 11:00 AM
Named: DFM Stefano Azekiel Ransom SR



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