Hedgehog Application

When filling out this application, the term “Applicant” refers to the person who will own or take care of the Hedgehog – this person can be a Minor (under 18 years old) as long as a Parent/Guardian is aware that the form is being filled out and will be supervising the care of the hedgehog.

If the Hedgehog will be a family pet, then list a Parent/Guardian as the Applicant.

We do not mind people giving Hedgehogs as gifts as long as the Applicant has done a good amount of research and is ready for the care of their new pet. If the gift is a surprise then the person who lists themselves as the Gift Giver has the responsibility of educating the Applicant. It is highly recommended that the Applicant arrives in person to pick-up their new pet so they can learn as much as possible first-hand.

Name of Applicant: *
Address of Applicant: *
Cell Phone # of Applicant:
Other Phone # of Applicant:
E-mail address of Applicant: *
Gender of Applicant: *
Is Applicant a Minor - under 18 years of age?: *

If the Applicant is a Minor, what is the Applicant's age?:
Is the Hedgehog a Gift/Surprise for the Applicant?: *

If the Applicant is a Minor (under 18 years old) or the Applicant is not aware the application is being filled out (i.e. a gift), please fill out the following Parent/Guardian's or Gift Giver's information below (if address is the same as Applicant's it may be left blank):

Name of Parent/Guardian/Gift Giver:
Address of Parent/Guardian/Gift Giver:
Cell Phone # of Parent/Guardian/Gift Giver:
Other Phone of Parent/Guardian/Gift Giver:
E-mail of Parent/Guardian/Gift Giver:
What is your relationship to the Applicant?:

If you are interested in getting a Hedgehog(s) that is/are listed as "Available", please give the Herd # of the one(s) you like in order of preference (If you are NOT interested in any "Available" leave all spaces blank and skip to the next section. If interested in only one or two, leave the rest blank):

1st Hedgehog's Herd #:
2nd Hedgehog's Herd #:
3rd Hedgehog's Herd #:

If you are wanting to get on the Waiting List for a future hedgehog that becomes Available, please fill out the information below:

If you are wanting more than one hedgehog, please fill out this application form for each one that you want.(After you Submit the first form, come back to this section to change anything that needs to be changed and then Submit it again.)

Sex of Hedgehog Wanted:
First Color Choice of Hedgehog Wanted:
Second Color Choice of Hedgehog Wanted:
Third Color Choice of Hedgehog Wanted:
Pattern of Hedgehog Wanted:
Facial Markings of Hedgehog Wanted:
Eye Color of Hedgehog Wanted:
Age of Hedgehog Wanted:

Please see the Hedgehog Sales Policy page for more information about our Holding policy and Shipping or Delivery Options if needed before answering the following questions:

When would you like to get a Hedgehog?: *
How do you plan to get your new Hedgehog?: *

If "Shipping on Airline" is requested, please list the 3 International (large) airports that are closest to you:

First Airport Choice:
Second Airport Choice:
Third Airport Choice:

´╗┐The following questions are to give us a better idea of how to help you with your new pet:

Experience Owning a Hedgehog: *
Purpose for Wanting a Hedgehog: *
Number of Children living in your household (under 18 years old): *
Ages of the Children Living in your Household: *
What species of animals do you currently own: *
Do you currently have any bird species (i.e. parrots) living in the same house you plan to keep the hedgehog? *
Total Number of Animals you currently own: *
Do you have frequent guests to your home who smoke?
Do you or anyone in your household smoke (inside or outside)?: *

Hedgehogs are not legal to own in the following states: Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Pennsylvania, and Vermont.
Sometimes they are not legal in certain cities, counties, or subdivisions/apartment complexes even within legal states.
It is up to the owner to find out if hedgehogs are legal in your particular state, county, city, subdivision/apartment complex.

Have you checked with your local Authorities to see if Hedgehogs are legal for you to own? *

Please let us know if you have Comments or Questions:


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