Hedgehog Breeders Policy

Dreamflower Meadows will not sell a male and female hedgehog to the same person, to people living in the same residence, or to any group of people that we feel could “accidentally” let them spend time together. It only takes a minute for a female to become pregnant when “accidentally” being with a male.

Almost all of our hedgehogs that we breed we consider “Breeding Quality” unless posted otherwise. If Dreamflower Meadows does sells a hedgehog that we deem is “Pet Quality” we will┬áprovide a pedigree of that hedgehog to deter anyone from breeding that particular hedgehog. However, if you are planning to breed your hedgehog, please let us know so that we can make sure you get the best possible bloodlines that we have since some are better than others from a breeding standpoint.

We carefully screen potential breeders and offer Mentoring at no additional cost should we feel that that someone would make a good breeder. We only sell “Breeding Quality” hedgehogs to potential breeders, current Small Private Breeders, or other USDA licensed breeders. We take the breeding of healthy, quality hedgehogs very seriously, as we feel anyone breeding any animal should.

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