Hedgehog Delivery Policy

Deliver is only available in North or South Carolina and is only available as our time allows. Please Contact Us to find out what is possible for you depending on how far away you live from our farm. We charge $1 per mile one way, plus a $5 long-distance fee for every extra 10 miles over the first 50 miles. However, our time is limited, so not all requests for delivery will be able to be met.

If you are not in either North Carolina or South Carolina, delivery may still be possible since we travel a couple times a year to Pennsylvania and Florida to visit relatives. Please Contact Us to find out if this is possible and to find out what the costs would be and when our next trips are planned. If we are already planning a trip through your area and you are able to meet us off an exit on our planned route at the time we plan to be there, then there is only $25 delivery fee. If we have to take a different route or have to wait, then extra fees will be charged on a case-by-case basis.



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