Hedgehog Deposit Policy

For all deposit paid to get on our waiting lists, the deposit is non-refundable for any and all reasons because we may be losing business from someone else who thinks the waiting list is too long. Please do not pay the deposit unless you are sure you want to get one from us and are willing to wait for that baby. No guaranatees are given in regards to a time frame that a baby will be available for any one person since breeding any animal can be very unpredictable with many variables to consider.

For all hedgehogs listed on the Baby Hedgehog s Available  page, we will list a specific hedgehog for 2 days as “Pending” to give the prospective buyer time to either come pick up the specific hedgehog or to pay the $50 non-refundable deposits. (*Please see below for hedgehogs listed on the Adult Hedgehogs Available page.)

Once the deposit is paid the baby hedgehog is then listed as “Holding” for that person and will be held for up to 2 more weeks from the date the baby hedgehog was requested to be held or two weeks from the baby hedgehog’s weaning date (which ever is later).

If you cannot pick-up the baby hedgehog, or a delivery or shipping date can’t be arranged within 2 weeks of the baby hedgehog being requested to be held, then full payment will be due OR the hedgehog will be relisted as “Available” and the prospective buyer will be placed on the Baby Hedgehog Waiting List.

Once full payment is paid there will also be a boarding fee of $2 per day will be charged for one more week (the 3rd week of holding the baby hedgehog). At the start of the 4th week the boarding fee will be $5 per day until the hedgehog is picked up.

If a baby hedgehog is being shipped, they must be 8 weeks old to be shipped, so the boarding fee is waived if the actual date of shipping ends up being a few days after due to the weaning date falling on a weekend. The boarding fee is also waived if the flight must be rescheduled due to weather.

For more information about paying the deposit, please go to the Payments page.

The remainder of the balance must be paid on or before the date of pick-up or delivery by cash, money order, or PayPal. NO checks will be accepted!!! And no hedgehogs will leave unless the full amount is paid. If you want to do a payment plan that can be arranged for making payments prior to the hedgehog leaving.

Deposits will NOT be refunded. The only exception would be if something were to happen to the hedgehog and make it impossible to sell. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

*For hedgehogs listed on the Adult Hedgehogs Available page, the deposit amount is $25. We will only hold those hedgehogs for 1 week from the request date with the deposit paid. After that time the boarding fee of $5 per day will be charged. We will not hold a hedgehog on the Adult Hedgehog page for more than a total of 2 weeks from the initial request date even if the boarding fee is being charged.

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