Hedgehog Visitation Policy

Visitation Policy ~

Dreamflower Meadows receives many requests per month from people wishing to come to visit with our hedgehogs before they commit to purchasing one. We feel that this is a very wise thing to do before committing to any animal. And we understand that there are not very many places for people to handle and observe friendly hedgehogs to find out if they are the right pet for them and their family. We do encourage people to contact us to make an appointment for a visitation.

However, because of the time constraints involved for us to comply with the many requests we receive, we must charge a fee for the time spent. The cost is $25 for an hour spent during the Pet Hedgehog Visitation. We allow up to 4 people to come on the Pet Hedgehog Visitation. All visitors must all be at least 5 years old or older and able to sit quietly (some children need to be older than 5 years old to do so). Please no younger children since we will not be able to sit and discuss the topic of hedgehogs without many interruptions. We also do not allow any visitors into the hedgehog breeding area, but instead bring a 3 – 4 hedgehogs into our living room for visitors to meet. We have too many expectant and nursing mothers most of the time to risk bringing in new smells, noises, and other possibly disturbing things that might cause the mothers to abandon their litters (or worse).

If the $50 deposit is paid before or at the time of the visitation to be placed on the waiting list or a hedgehog is purchased at the time of the visit, then the visitation fee is waived. If you pay the $25 visitation fee, but are not ready to place the deposit at the time of the visit, but do so within a year of the visit, the $25 fee will go towards the $50 deposit, so you would only need to pay the remaining $25 deposit to be placed on the waiting list for a baby hedgehog. (If you are looking to get a retired or rescued adult, the deposit is only $25, so the visitation fee would count as the deposit.)

If you are a looking into becoming a breeder and would like to see how we set up our hedgehogs for breeding this can be arranged on a very limited basis and only at a very limited times. The criteria is much stricter since access to our hedgehog breeding area will be given. Only 2 people total may come on the Hedgehog Breeders Visitation and there must be one adult and no one younger than 10 years of age. The Hedgehog Breeder Visitation fee is $200 for a 1 hour visit, but does not count towards the cost of a hedgehog.

To schedule an appointment, please Contact Us for more information. Please also go to the Hedgehog Application page to fill out the form so that we have your information before you arrive.

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