Our Hedgehog Herd

The hedgehogs in Our Herd come from the best breeders from across the US and many that are also born in Our Herd that we just could not bear to part with.

The hedgehogs on the following pages are NOT for sale, but are the parents of any that are listed for sale here at Dreamflower Meadows.


Male Hedgehogs in Our Herd

Female Hedgehogs in Our Herd


A Note about the prefixes and suffixes used in hedgehog names:

The International Hedgehog Registry assigns breeders three “herd initials” that are placed at the beginning of a hedgehog’s name that is born in that breeder’s herd (at their premises). Our initials are DFM (for Dreamflower Meadows). Example: DFM Spike  So all hedgehogs born here at our farm (in our herd) will have the DFM initials before their name.

When the hedgehog is sold to a pet buyer or someone who does not plan to breed, the new owner’s first and last initials are placed after the name. This prevents duplicate names from happening. Expample: DFM Spike JD (if sold to John Doe), etc. If the initials happen to duplicate with a certain name  (i.e. Sonic and Spike being very popular names), then after the pet owner’s initials will go a number. Example: DFM Spike JD2 (if this is the second person has the same initials as the first person with those initials who named their hedgehog Spike as well). A way to avoid this is to give the hedgehog several names or use a very unusual name, but it is not a problem if the name is duplicated since we can still indicate it is a different animal with the use of numbers – so if your child really wants to name their hedgehog Sonic or Spike, it is totally fine.

When a hedgehog is sold to a breeder, that breeder’s herd initials are placed after the name. Example: DFM Spike BBH (the actual herd initials of Beach Bum Hedgehogs who we buy from often). If that breeder then sells/trades that hedgehog to another breeder then that new breeder’s herd initials are added as follows: DFM Spike BBH/MMF (the actual herd initials of Millermeade Farm who we also buy from often). This helps track who has owned the hedgehog in the past. If the hedgehog is sold to a pet buyer after the breeder, then the new pet owner’s first and last initial would be used. Example: DFM Spike BBH/JD (if sold to John Doe).

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