Taking Hedgie Home

When you come to get your new pet there are some things you will need to bring or know ~

Travel Cage~

You must bring a small animal carrier or shoe box with holes punched in the sides with a lid as well since even a baby hedgehog can climb out of a shoe box (or similar sized container). It is ok to handle most hedgehogs in the car when driving him to his new home…BUT NOT IF YOU ARE THE ONE DRIVING! Please bring something to put the hedgehog into in case of any emergency…You never know what might happen on the road! Also, hedgehogs can be very active and you may get tired of keeping up with him on a long drive. Hedgehogs tend to potty sometimes when handled, especially when they are nervous or in a new place, so it would be wise to bring paper towels and hand sanitizer to clean up with if you do plan to hold them on the drive home. I would also recommend an old towel to place on your lap to prevent a mess and for them to hide under. Also, make sure there is some sort of bedding in the bottom of the travel cage to absorb any possible ‘messes’. Since wood shavings or recycled newspaper products can make a mess in the car, I recommend using plenty of folded paper towels or newspapers on the bottom of the travel carrier. For our travel cages we use small Rubbermaid containers that we drill holes in the sides and put wood shavings in the bottom. The hedgehogs seem to prefer the solid colored ones best since they do not allow light through and they, thus, feel more secure.

Water Bottle ~

A water bottle is not needed for short trips and I don’t recommend that they be placed in the travel cage while the vehicle is in motion since they usually will drip a lot from the vibrations of the car and make the cage very wet. If you do have a long trip (over 4 hours) then a water bottle should be brought along, but not left in the travel cage for the entire trip. Place the bottle in the cage when you stop for gas or food and then remove when you continue driving.

Food for the Trip ~

I will provide about 2 cups of the food that your new pet is already eating. This is so that you can use it to switch him over slowly to a new brand of food if you will not be feeding the same food. You really do not need to put any food in the travel cage during the trip unless you will be traveling at night…They usually do not eat during the day anyways.

Holding your hedgehog during the trip ~

To hold or not hold your new hedgehog during the trip does not have a simple answer. There are many factors such as the temperament and age of your new hedgehog, the age of the new owner (i.e. young child or adult), the length of the trip, and the weather. While you are here learning about your new pet, please ask what I recommend in your situation. Most of the time it is fine for the hedgehog to be held during about an hour of the trip if the new owner is at least a teenager or adult and the weather is not too hot or cold.

If you would like to hold your pet while driving, then I recommend bringing a few things along: an old towel, plenty of paper towels, baby wipes, a shirt that smells like you (that you don’t mind getting dirty), and hand sanitizer. While traveling for the first time in a car, a hedgehog will be more nervous than normal and most will potty a lot more than usual. Make sure to still bring along some kind of travel cage/carrier so you can put them in it if you need to.

Once you are home ~

Please resist the temptation to handle your new pet at this point. He has had a stressful trip. Just put him in his new home and give him at least 4 – 6 hours to adjust to his new surroundings. Please see the caging section about the best place to put the cage. It is common for hedgehogs to not eat or drink very much when they first go to a new home, but they should be eating and drinking well within 3 – 5 days. Diarrhea can be a problem, as well, but this should not last for more than a few days and very rarely needs any vet attention or for the new pet owner to do anything different, but don’t hesitate to Contact Us  if you are worried.

USDA Paperwork ~

Since we are a USDA licensed breeder there is some paperwork that will need to be filled out. I will need the Driver’s License number and signature of either the new owner who is at least 16 years old with a driver’s license or that of the parent/guardian that comes to pick up the hedgehog with the new owner who is a minor. If you have someone else pick up the hedgehog for you then I will need their name, address, Driver’s License number, and signature instead. If you are not willing to give me this information then I will not be able to sell a hedgehog to you…I am only abiding by the law.

Pedigree ~

All of our hedgehogs are sold with a Pedigree (unless sold at a discounted price). A Pedigree shows the hedgehog’s lineage and usually the colors of his ancestors. This is very important to have if you ever want to start breeding your hedgehog, but we provide with all of our hedgehogs bought at full price. If you need to sell your hedgehog for some reason, make sure the new owners know to contact me so that I can send them a new pedigree listing them as the new owner. Or they can contact the International Hedgehog Registry directly to update the change of ownership. This also helps me keep tabs on the offspring of my hedgehogs to track any possible genetic problems that show up in the future.

Please let us know the full name of the Owner of the hedgehog you are getting if it is not the person that was listed as the Applicant on the Hedgehog Application. This person can be a child, so if the hedgehog is for a child, let us know the full name of the child so we can list them as the owner on the Pedigree. However, only one name can be listed on the Pedigree, so if the pet is for more than one child it is best to list the name of a parent to keep things fair.

Also, let us know the name of the hedgehog you are getting if one is decided on before you come. If you can’t decide on one before you come, though, that is fine – we will just list the Herd Number of that hedgehog in the place of the name on the Pedigree. We try to have the Pedigree and other forms printed by the time you arrive to save time, so all of this information is needed before you come if possible.

Final Payment ~

I prefer that the final payment be made in cash (EXACT CASH is appreciated) or by money order/cashier’s check. No checks – sorry for the inconvenience, but a few people have ruined it for the rest of us…It is a hassle for me to deal with returned checks, never mind, expensive. If for some reason I do accept a check, remember there is an added $30 fee required should the check be returned. Also, payments can be made ahead of time using PayPal, but I must receive the payment BEFORE you arrive unless you can use your own smart phone to make the payment while you are here. To use PayPal, please see the Payments page and scroll down to the PayPal link. Do not use any other e-mail address other than the one given there or the payment will not process correctly.

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