Great Pyrenees Dogs

All of the Puppies from the Litter Born August 4, 2017 have been SOLD!

Our pair have officially bred again on November 18th, so we are expecting the next litter on or around January 19, 2018. If you would like to get on the waiting list for a puppy from this litter, please see more information below. Our mother, Naga, has had 3 litters of 7-8 puppies so far, but we will only take 5 deposits before the puppies are born to make sure there are enough puppies to go around. Please go to the Puppy Waiting List page to see the current waiting list for the Spring 2018 puppies.

August 2017 Litter

All the puppies are being kept with goats and have been introduced to cats, chickens, potbelly pigs, and miniature horses. We also have young children who play with them daily.

All puppies are dewormed at 2, 3, 4, 6, & 8 weeks old. They get their first vaccination at 6 weeks old. We also use flea control on all the dogs and cats on our farm and the puppies each receive a dose at 8 weeks old before they leave the farm (this is the youngest a puppy can receive flea treatment).

We feed the mother and puppies a high quality dog food: Purina One Large Breed Puppy formula.


All our puppies are AKC registered.

The price of the puppies is $650 for Limited AKC Registration (no breeding rights).
Or $800 for Full AKC Registration (with breeding rights).

If you would like to get on the waiting list before the puppies are born, the deposit is $100 and then another $100 will be due when you can select a puppy at 6 weeks old to hold that puppy for you until they wean at 8 weeks old. All deposits go towards the total amount of the puppy you end up choosing.
If you were not on the waiting list before the puppies were born a deposit of $200 is required to hold a puppy for more than 2 days after requesting us to hold him/her.

We will hold the puppies until they are 9 weeks old with the deposit(s) paid before they were 8 weeks old or for up to a week from when the deposit was paid if you paid it after they were 8 weeks old. A boarding fee of $5 per day is charged if they can’t be picked up within that time frame. The deposit goes towards the total amount and the final amount is due in cash the day of pick up or it can be paid with PayPal before you arrive (we don’t have good cell service at our farm so paying before you get here is highly recommended).

We give a 4 day guarantee to give you time to have the puppy checked out by a veterinarian. If you are not completely satisfied with the health of the puppy you will receive a full refund with the return of the puppy to our farm within the 4 day time period.

Shipping is available within the US – the cost is determined by the puppy’s weight at the time of shipping. Health certificates are required to ship dogs with all airlines in the US and internationally.

Please contact us if you would like to get on the waiting list for one of our puppies in the Spring of 2018. The non-refundable deposit to be put on the waiting list is $100 per puppy and goes towards the total amount. Then another $100 deposit per puppy is required once you choose which puppy you want before they are old enough to leave. We allow the people on the waiting list to choose the puppy they want when the puppies are 6 weeks old. We allow the puppies to go to new homes at 8 weeks old. The final amount is due the day they are picked up or by 9 weeks old if they cannot be picked up by then. A boarding fee of $5 per day is charged after 9 weeks old or after a week of them being held from when the deposit was paid (if paid after the puppies were 8 weeks old).

The Parents ~

Father - Dreamflower Beorn

Father –
Dreamflower Beorn

Beorn & Naga

           Beorn & Naga

Mother - Dreamflower Naga

Mother –
Dreamflower Naga

Both parents of this litter are our livestock guard dogs and come from excellent, working bloodlines.

The Puppies born on August 4, 2017 ~

Female with Badger Markings on ears and body

Buttercup is the only girl in this litter. 

SOLD to Leasa B. in AL
Picking up: Saturday 9.30.17 @ 1:00 PM


Cute McGee

Male with Badger Markings (one eye patch & eye liner on both sides)

Cutie McGee is one of the smaller puppies and is very sweet and playful.

SOLD to the Yarbro Family Farm!


Male with Badger markings (very even on both sides with a mustache spot on one side)

Pistachio is the most confident puppy in the litter and the second largest. 

SOLD to Sally Champion Blackburn!


Male with a little Badger Markings (very even on the ears)

Willow is the least confident puppy in the litter, but super sweet and wants to be right up next to people.

SOLD to Nancy Barkoviak!


Male with Badger Markings one ears and body

Chestnut is one of the bigger male puppies in the litter. He is very affectionate and loves to give kisses.

SOLD to Ralph D.!


Male with Badger Markings only on ears

Braken is the smallest puppy in the litter. He is very spunky and confident. He loves to play and give kisses.

SOLD to Jennifer Carroll!


Male with Badger Markings on ears and body

Sugar Maple is the largest puppy in the litter. He is the laziest puppy, as well, but is a very loving boy who loves belly rubs and giving kisses.

SOLD to Stephanie B. from TN!


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