Nigerian Dwarf Goats

All of our adult goats tested negative for CAE and Johne’s diseases on March 3, 2017.

All of our adult goats are registered with the ADGA (some with the AGS) so all kids born here can be registered with ADGA.
The AGS and the NDGA accepts the ADGA registrations, so all our kids can be registered with both these registries if already registered with the ADGA.


Many of our kids are handled daily to socialize them with people and will make great pets even if not bottle-fed. However, if you wish to get a bottle-fed baby you must notify us before the ‘last date to put on bottle’ that is listed.

The following fees will apply for bottle-feeding:

$50 Extra – To start each kid on a bottle for 3 – 5 days before the new owner takes over.

(Note: We reserve the right to refuse this option to anyone that we feel lacks the experience needed and/or is not capable of being able to bottle-feed adequately.)

$200 Extra – To bottle-feed to the weaning date

A non-refundable deposit must be paid to the hold the goat if it will not be picked-up/delivered within one week of the request to hold the goat. The deposit amount to be paid is 50% of the total price of the goat.

(This policy also applies to kids that have not yet weaned and are not ready to go to new homes for more than a week.)

The remainder of the balance must be paid at the time of pick-up/delivery or it must be received before the date of pick-up/delivery if paying by PayPal. All goats stay here until paid for in full – we do not make payment plans and allow the goat to leave our property without full payment received – NO EXCEPTIONS!

(The only way the deposit will be refunded is if something should happen to the animal…NO EXCEPTIONS!)

Deposit may be paid online through PayPal. For more information about this payment option, please go to the Payments page and scroll down to the PayPal link.


Dreamflower Meadows will give the following health guarantee ~

None will be given for bottle-fed kids sold before weaning

One month for all weaned kids

One year for all adult goats

This guarantee is for general health and does not include improper care/negligence/neglect/abuse on the part of the buyer. A signed letter from a licensed vet will be required before a refund/replacement will be considered. The letter must state the reason for or the conditions surrounding the death of the animal, as well as, the treatment(s) performed on the animal and the dates of all treatment(s). In many cases a necropsy will be required, and should the results confirm a genetic problem, the animal and necropsy costs will be refunded.

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